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DEC 6-8
DEC 2019
Meet the Pack:

WOLF CONNECTION is a unique educational sanctuary and wilderness retreat center that brings people together through direct relationship with rescued wolves for the purpose of empowering the next generation to become authentic leaders and stewards of the earth. With the help of the animals, at-risk groups reconnect with nature, learn to be of service by responsibly caring for another being, and work towards becoming the kind of person they want to be through Wolf Therapy™. The animals help them focus on their impulses, feelings and emotions in a constructive way; they learn to forgive and give others (and themselves) a second chance. Founded in 2009, Wolf Connection has rescued over 60 wolves and wolfdogs bred in captivity and has impacted the lives of over 3,000 at-risk youth. Wolf Connection's methods have been proven to work. Principals report that 100% of the Wolf Connection graduates never return to expulsion schools. This is a life-changing trajectory for young men and women and ultimately their communities.

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