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DEC 7-9
DEC 2019
TracysDogs Adoptions, a non-profit based out of San Antonio, Texas, embodies the humanitarian spirit of "Project For Awesome" through their work to save the lives of thousands of dogs and find them proper homes across the country.

In their new Hooplaha / series, A Dog's Journey Home, you will meet the incomparable Tracy Whyatt, who in 2011, decided to follow a passion of hers and help alleviate a huge problem. A lifelong dog lover, Tracy was horrified to discover that San Antonio had a holding tank for dogs to be euthanized. She took matters into her own hands and now Tracy and her husband Scott have committed themselves to these abandoned dogs by rehabilitating them and hand delivering them to their forever families.

This series showcases the dedicated TracysDogs Adoptions team, a nationwide group of volunteers, who tirelessly dedicate their love, skill, and compassion to this humane effort.

TracysDogs Adoptions: