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December 9 - 11

2017 P4A Dates:
Dec 15-17
Happy Project for Awesome! Today is the day we take over YouTube to spread awareness and raise money for our favorite charities. This Project for Awesome I want to tell you about The Book Love Foundation. What began as a belief that It’s Never Too Late to inspire a love of reading, became the book, Book Love, and then the Book Love Foundation. Established by Penny and Pat Kittle in 2012, the Book Love Foundation funds starter classroom libraries. Each starter library has 500 books, some chosen by the awarded teacher and some chosen by the foundation’s board. The Foundation's Board of Directors awards the libraries to passionately committed teachers who aim instruction towards increasing volume, stamina, and joy in reading in middle and high school. Please support Book Love with your VOTE this Project for Awesome. Visit the foundation's website to donate directly and as they say in my hometown, "Don't Forget to Be Awesome!"

The Book Love Foundation

Project for Awesome

Lee Ann Spillane: a.k.a Hank Green's senior English teacher : )