STF is a great non-profit organization and we’ve been working hard on all levels to ensure the importance of gender equality isnt completely neglected amidst COVID-19. Vote at and learn more about STF at
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My name is Katie Austin and I’m happy to support She’s the First for this year’s Project for Awesome. She’s the First is a nonprofit organization that is fighting for a world where every girl can determine her own future. They team up with local grassroots women-led organizations to make sure girls everywhere are educated, respected, and heard.

She’s the First works to break down the barriers restricting girls from all angles. STF finds, funds, and supports solutions that educate and empower girls. These methods strengthen their communities and foster an environment these girls can thrive. To date, they’ve trained more than 75 local organizations to serve girls better every day, and together they’ve provided 11,000 girls in 11 countries with the support and tools they need to become powerful agents of change.

This global pandemic could set back years and years of progress towards equality. After COVID-19, it’s predicted that 20 million girls will never return to school- on top of the 130 million girls that were already out of school worldwide. This is serious but we’re not going to give up. In March 2020, She’s the First launched a COVID-19 Response Fund to address immediate needs for girls in underserved communities. The response effort focuses on 3 pillars: meeting basic needs for girls and their families, feminist mentorship programs, and access to tech/wi-fi.

Project 4 Awesome is a virtual event where people working for change submit videos about a non-profit they support and raise money for them. Head to and vote for all the She’s the First videos. Also check out for more information!