Meet the makers Maryam and Muchtaq, two talented and lovely members of the Habibi.Works community. Every day, they help to prepare community lunches and offer baking workshops. This is what Habibi.Works is all about. Sharing, connecting and learning together.

Habibi.Works is an open, intercultural maker space in Katsikas, Greece, situated 300 meters away from the Katsikas refugee camp.
Since 2016 the organization supports people on the move by providing free materials, tools, and expert guidance in 15 different areas, most of which are led by individuals in the asylum process.
Habibi.Works connects and empowers locals, international volunteers, and people on the move to learn, make, do, and dream together.
We believe in the right to agency, choice, dignity, and connection, regardless of the place of birth, country of origin, or arbitrary lines on a map.

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