FINALLY! Vienna based comedian JUAN SON (aka Sun of a Beach - say it loudly to yourself - yep, that's right, we used a dirty word. If you don't get it or don't speak German, google the the German translation of the Spanish pronunciation of "JUAN SON"- if you still don't get it, drop us a comment!) finally reveals his real identity - all for the sake of BBANGA PROJECT and their contribution to this year's PROJECT FOR AWESOME video competition! Watch until the end and see for yourself who hides behind the obscure mask of JUAN SON! Also, Bbanga Project is the most AWESOMEST project of all - as you'll see in the video.

MUSIC: "Not alone" by the wonderful Mirjam Catal (@mirjamcatalmusic)!

BBANGA PROJECT: We are a Vienna based NGO trying to improve life in Kalangala, Uganda. Our projects follow a sustainable, holistic approach and circle around our five main pillars: education, health, social & economic development, nutrition & environment.

Want to help? Would you like to be a part of it?
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Check out PROJECT FOR AWESOME - for less world suck (yes, sorry, we "borrowed" your slogan under!
Thank you for putting an amazing initiative out there! LET'S GET TOGETHER TO DECREASE WORLD SUCH (yep, we did it again!!).