Suubi means "hope" in the most-spoken language of Uganda. And that's our goal: empower teen moms in Uganda with hope, so they can break out of extreme poverty.
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Suubi was founded in 2017 by Sylvia Nantongo, a Ugandan woman who grew up in poverty. Against all odds, she was able to get out of the slums. Now, she helps other women who struggle as she did.
The Ugandan group partnered with Amy Heymann (aka my mom ;) ) and her team in Germany. Suubi became the official NGO and CBO "Suubi Teen MOPS Uganda". Together, we've seen a lot done in just a few years:

Sylvia's team works with a little over 30 women plus their kids in Kampala, the capitol city of Uganda. The families now have access to:
- food and medical care for around 100 people
- child sponsorships, so 40 of the kids go to school
- a trade skill: a sewing and a soap workshop
- business training
- personal and parental counseling/support

The young women come from very harsh backgrounds. But they have gone from a bitter outlook on life to spreading hope to their community. For example, they've given away
- 11.000 washable sanitary pads to schoolgirls in the countryside. This helps girls stay in school, rather than drop out due to lack of feminine hygiene access
- 40.000 bars of soap to people in the slums, to help prevent disease

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