This video was made for the 2024 Project for Awesome, an annual charity event in which hundreds of people post videos advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. Charities that get the most voted throughout the P4A weekend win a significant grant to advance their work!

Between Feb 16-18, 2024, please vote for all the videos made for Fandom Forward: [link coming soon!]

Fandom Forward is a nonprofit that uses the power of story to inspire social action. With nearly two decades of action, we are using the creativity and enthusiasm of fans to affect real world change and become like the heroes they read about. Learn more about Fandom Forward and how you can get involved at

A big thanks to the following people for contributing to the production of this video: Alexa Landis, Ash Clayson, Sarah Selby, Jessica Rozycki, Bygonya Weatherford, Delia Gallegos, Orlando Crespo, and Sara Mortensen.

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