Habibi.Works is a maker space and FabLab situated in Katsikas, Greece across the road from Katsikas refugee camp, currently accommodating roughly 1000 people on the move awaiting decisions on their asylum applications.

Habibi.Works has supported people on the move since 2016 by providing free materials, tools, and expert guidance in 15 different areas, most of which are led by individuals in the asylum process. Learn about our working areas in this video!

Habibi.Works connects and empowers locals, international visitors, and people on the move to learn, make, do, and dream together. Here, each person is treated as the expert of their own lives and empowered to create their own solutions to challenges they face, or simply express their ingenuity and creativity! It is a space for sharing and learning skills, growing community, and standing in solidarity with each other.

Habibi.Works believe in the right to agency, choice, dignity, and connection, regardless of place of birth, country of origin, or arbitrary lines on a map.

Learn more @habibiworks

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Traveling music producer Adrian "Ady" Parzentny (Karim Ziad, Noam Vazana, Mehdi Nassouli, Tasuta N-Imal, Lala Tamar, Cablestreet Collective und Produce Like A Pro) records world music artists around the globe to connect and learn from each other in all fusion genres ranging from orchestral to traditional folk, electronic, Hip Hop and Pop music.

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