APOPO is an organization that trains Giant African Pouched Rats to detect landmines and diagnose Tuberculosis with their amazing sense of smell. For more information on the amazing work they do, visit

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Lyrics to Outside the Box by Rowan Teasdale

When the world is full of troubles,
It's hard to know just what to do.
Problems can seem far too big,
And our resources far too few.
Solutions come in many forms
Some are big and some are small
And sometimes the solution comes
In ways we don't expect at all.

In places where tuberculosis
Is spreading far and fast
And expensive diagnostics
Still let some infections past
In steps a furry helper,
The African pouched rat
With a sense of smell so good
No other testing is as exact.

Where wars have left munitions
And landmines in the fields
Civilians are left to pay the price
From explosives that they cannot shield
A simple system using just
A trainer and a rat
Makes the risk to life and limb,
A worry of the past.

You won't see them wearing capes,
But they're every inch heroes make no mistake
With amazing teams of people
From lab research to landmine techs
When we think outside the box
Opportunities unfurl
But it's up to use to work together,
And make this a better world.

Yes it's up to us to work together,
And make this a better world.

(I definitely used the Stephan Chin alternative rhyming dictionary for this!)