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Project 4 Awesome:

Hello fellow humans! Welcome to my bizarre corner of the internet. I like to make videos about food, fashion, and things weird and wonderful. Stick around for some top notch content! 

This is how the YouTube sausage gets made folks. If I don't include all these terms somewhere in the description, there's a good chance most of you will never even be told this video exists. This is why YouTubers are always asking you to like and subscribe. All hail the mighty algorithm!

Things I like to cook:
Baking, bread, sourdough, cakes, pastry, pie, tarts, sweet, savory, spicy, easy, fast, gourmet, cuisine, choice, fermented, pickles, cheese, butter, Babish, Sohla, Claire Saffitz, Alton Brown (I don't like to cook these people, but I'm influenced by their content)

Styles I like to sew:
Cottagecore, Goth, vampire, historical, Couture, eclectic, eccentric, costume, wacky, dress-up, fairy, flowers, Paisley, mod, retro, thrifting, bargain, upcycle, refashion, DIY, Bernadette Banner, Cathy Hay, Abby Cox, Morgan Donner, Sewstine, Micarah Trewers, Zac Pinsent

Other topics I make content about:
Productivity, organization, art, history, movies, cinema, ASMR, geography, economics, Science, math