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Project For Awesome 2013 - The Geek Group

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Check out The Geek Group at http://thegeekgroup.org/, and of course the Project for Awesome website at http://www.projectforawesome.com/ ! Cast a vote and tell your friends so we can keep doing our part to decrease world suck! If you're ever in Grand Rapids, MI, pay us a visit! Can't physically be here? Click the link above and become an online member!

Direct Vote Link: http://www.projectforawesome.com/charity/the-geek-group/project-for-awesome-2013---the-geek-group

From the Project for Awesome Website:

The very first Project for Awesome was organized in 2007, and has been held annually on Dec 17 - 18 every year since. During Project for Awesome, thousands of people post videos about and advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. As a community, we promote these videos and raise money for the charities. In 2012, the community raised over $400,000 and ten charities were granted $40,500 each. Legally speaking, the Project for Awesome is a project of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, Inc. a Montana based 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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