Where can I watch the livestream?

P4A will be live at at 12:00pm EST on February 16th until 11:59am EST on February 18th.

How can I get my video featured on the livestream?

There’s no magical formula to getting your video featured. If we featured them all, we’d be streaming for several years. However, you can increase your chances by following these guidelines:
  1. Submit your video to the Project for Awesome website! Submissions will open at 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 30th, and they’ll close 72 hours before the livestream starts at 11:59am EST on Tuesday, February 13th. The earlier you submit your video, the better, because our team reviews every video to make sure they meet our guidelines before they’re made live on the website for people to watch.
  2. Make sure your video looks and sounds nice. Have a bright and engaging thumbnail using this year's graphic assets. Also, keep your video short and to the point, around 2-4 minutes.
  3. Talk about a charity that’s important to you! We try to avoid featuring multiple videos about the same charity, so if you can share a story or experience with a unique charity, your video is more likely to be selected.
  4. It should be clear that your video is a Project for Awesome video. It should be uploaded near the dates of the campaign (if it was on YouTube long before submissions opened, that’s a pretty clear indicator it wasn’t made for P4A). Don’t forget to mention the P4A in your video, and encourage viewers to go to and vote for their favorite charities.
  5. Keep it clean and be thoughtful when talking about traumatic experiences. There will be community members of all ages and backgrounds watching the livestream, so we avoid featuring videos with NSFW or graphic content.
  6. In the end, don’t be too upset if your video isn’t featured. Send it to your friends and family and also to the charity you advocated for, and take pride in the fact that you’re participating in a worthwhile service project.

How do I use the official P4A 2024 thumbnail?

You can download the thumbnail here, and edit it if you have software that can edit PSDs (Photoshop files). When you upload your video on YouTube, there will be an option to add a custom thumbnail.

I’m going to be in the Arctic wilderness with no internet. Can I submit my video early?

You will only be able to submit your video to this site while submissions are open from January 30th to February 13th, but if you’re unable to do that and can’t get a friend to help you out, there’s always a place for more philanthropic videos on YouTube. It won’t count as a P4A submission, but it will still be doing good in the world!

I don’t have a DSLR/I’ve never made a video before/I don’t want to show my face on the internet.

You don’t need a fancy camera to make a good video. Use whatever you have, even if it’s a webcam or a phone. If you’re uncomfortable showing your face, make a video showing only your hands or using only text. Here’s a video from Hank explaining how to best use the resources you have.

I work for/volunteer for/am involved with a charity. Can I still make a P4A video for that organization?

Yes! We love it when charities get directly involved with the Project for Awesome, and we highly encourage you to make a video and share it with your supporters.

What if the charity I want to promote is national/global/local/small/huge/the same charity everyone else does/the same charity I did last year?

That’s all fine! Of course, many people promote the same charities because they’re so great. And any size charity is eligible and will benefit from your promotion and possibly getting a portion of the money raised during P4A.

To receive grants from the FTDWS/P4A, the organization must be a 501(c)3 non-profit classification or foreign equivalent classified charity.

“Pass-through” or "flow-through" organizations will not be eligible to receive Project for Awesome grants. Our goal is for our community to learn about organizations doing a lot of good, and to collectively decide where to allocate funds. Organizations who then distribute funds elsewhere are counter to that mission.

Video-Making Guidelines

  1. Your video must be made specifically for this year’s P4A. So, you must mention Project for Awesome in the video itself, and it should have been created recently.
  2. You should put reasonable effort into making sure any information you include in your video is accurate, from anecdotal examples to statistics. There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, so we want to make sure that P4A videos are providing thoughtful, accurate context about the work that organizations are doing in the world.
  3. Try not to make your video too long. People are going to be watching a ton of videos during P4A, and no one wants to sit through a rambly, unedited vlog for ten minutes. Keep your video short and to the point so that people will watch the whole thing and learn all about your cause. A good length to aim for is 2-4 minutes, unless you have such compelling content that it just needs to be longer.
  4. Try not to spend too much time explaining what the Project for Awesome is. Most people watching your video will already know, so just mentioning it briefly and directing people to the website is plenty. An explanation in the description as well as a link to is also a great addition so people who stumble across your video can learn more about us.
  5. Similarly, try not to spend too much time promoting your own channel in your video. One or two sentences is fine to explain the type of videos you usually make if they’re different from what you’re doing for your P4A video, but much more than that and it just looks like you’re using the P4A to help promote yourself, which isn’t what this is all about.
  6. Please include a content warning at the beginning of your video if you’re discussing sensitive topics such as (but not limited to) violence, self-harm, miscarriage, or death. While there are charities doing great work in very difficult spaces, our goal is to help our community members emotionally prepare and make the choice to watch a video rather than being surprised by potentially traumatic content.


How do you raise money?

You! Our biggest source of revenues come from our individual donors. When you donate to the Project for Awesome through our Tiltify campaign page, you can get some pretty sweet perks while helping us decrease world suck.

After the Project for Awesome event ends, donations continue to come in through Half of the money generated through ads displayed on the Vlogbrothers channel is donated to the Foundation, and all profits from the P4A items on go to the Project for Awesome. We also get some support from people who use Tab for a Cause, which is a free way to support nonprofits just by using the internet.

What percentage of the money raised goes to charity?

100%–less the cost of perk production and fulfillment, Tiltify fees, credit card/PayPal fees, and the part-time team who administer the Project for Awesome. Yearly financial summaries are online at in the Documents tab.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Donations to the FTDWS are fully tax deductible under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Direct donations can be made by clicking the Donate button at or

If you purchase a perk, your deductible donation is the amount of purchase minus the market value of the perk. You will receive a confirmation email from Tiltify showing the amount contributed for the perk and its fair market value.

Why are the amounts raised on Tiltify and different?

Not all fundraising elements of the Project for Awesome occur on Tiltify. The Foundation to Decrease World Suck receives monthly recurring donations throughout the year and Matching Fund donations are received before the Livestream Tiltify Campaign begins.

Where does the money raised during P4A go?

In 2024, money raised during the Project for Awesome will be split two primary ways:
  1. 50% of donations will go to Save the Children and Partners in Health.
  2. 50% of donations will go to community-recommended organizations, based on votes on the Project for Awesome website. (This is, however, subject to the approval of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck Board of Directors and Project for Awesome Advisory Board, partly because the law is complex and partly to prevent a trolling group from coming in and hijacking the vote.) Note that Save the Children and Partners in Health will not be eligible to receive community-voted grants, so votes on videos for these two charities will not be counted.

In addition, Not Forgotten will not be eligible to receive a community-voted grant in 2024. Instead, money raised from the five perks donated by Destin Sandlin (Your Name on the Awesome People Board, Character We Mail to You, Dino to the Moon, Dino to Mars, Mystery Dino Expedition & DSP T-Shirt) will be split three ways:

  1. 50% of donations for these five perks will go to Not Forgotten.
  2. 25% of donations for these five perks will go to Save the Children and Partners in Health.
  3. 25% of donations for these five perks will go to community-recommended organizations, based on votes on the Project for Awesome website.

What is the Foundation to Decrease World Suck?

The Foundation to Decrease World Suck (FTDWS) was informally created in 2007 when referring to Hank and John’s personal charitable gifts, and became a legal entity in November 2011 when it was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Montana. The IRS designated the Foundation a 501(c)3 charity on January 23, 2013. The FTDWS exists solely for the purpose of fundraising for the benefit of other non-profit organizations. The majority of fundraising occurs during the annual Project for Awesome. The board members for the Foundation to Decrease World Suck are John Green, Hank Green, Mike Green, Benny Fine, Valerie Barr, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Marie Ann Fernandez-Silva, Angela Lin, and Taylor Behnke. The FTDWS only awards grants to nonprofit organizations that are 501(c)3 or foreign equivalent classified charities.

Why don't I just donate to the charity I want to donate to?

Please do! Our biggest goal is to get people excited about giving their money and lending their time and talent to nonprofits.

How do I get my digital perk? When will I get my physical perk?

We will send out all perks after the Tiltify campaign closes, including digital downloads. Perks can take several months to prepare and send out, so we will update you in the coming weeks via email. Make sure to check the email account associated with your Tiltify perk purchase

I messed up/need to update my shipping address! How will I get my perk?!

Not to fear! As long as your perk has not been sent out yet, you can fill out this form to update your address.

Can I become a matching donor?

We welcome anyone interested in becoming a matching donor for P4A. For those who are able to donate $500 or more, the matching fund will be accepting donations from 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 10th to 11:59am EST on Monday, February 12th. Once the matching donation period has started, please see for instructions.


Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you soon (but maybe not REALLY soon if you email during the livestream).