Take a look at how we collect waste plastic from the local community and use it to create brand-new objects! Re.Works is a workspace located on the site of Habibi.Works, a community-run makerspace located in Katsikas, Greece. From discarded bottle caps and other plastic containers, we can make items such as cups and carabiners. Not only does this decrease the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills, but it also allows for the continued use of materials that would otherwise have been wasted.

Habibi.Works provides refugees and asylum-seekers as well as locals access to 15 different working areas so that they can create various items and share skills to foster a greater sense of community and interaction.

We believe in the right to agency, choice, dignity, and connection, regardless of place of birth, country of origin, or arbitrary lines on a map.

Please vote for our project from Feb 17-19 on the Project for Awesome website!

Check the Habibi.Works YouTube channel for more information!

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