I want to introduce you to the animal rights and protection organization Animal Society. They are an organization that aims for the political and institutional change for animals, which I think is a great approach as we have seen in other movements that political change is what is really needed to change a not so well running system.
Currently they have also a campaign to end male chick and female duckling killing in the EU - to save around 330 million lives each year.
Check out their website here:

I hope you find Animal Society's work as important as I do and support them with a vote for or this video as part of the Project for Awesome 2023!

Project for Awesome 2023 is an annual online event that raises money for charity and decreases world suck. The P4A annual charity event was started by the vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria and raises millions of dollars for charity. Help support Animal Society by voting for our video on the project for awesome website. Vote here:​​.

The charities with the most votes will receive the money raised during the event.
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