Online Creators Decreasing World Suck
DEC 6-8
DEC 2019
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Vote for Queerly Represent Me between 12:00pm EST on December 7th through 11:59am EST on December 9th.

You can find us on Twitter at

Queerly Represent Me is a not-for-profit consultation and research organisation registered in QLD, Australia. We work with companies to consult on their games, events, and studio culture, and use proceeds from these contracts to provide free resources and services to the wider community, particularly to give a voice to queer developers and support the creation of queer content.

Want to support us? Worried that we're not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation because we're registered in Australia? We have a partnership with the IGDA Foundation who will pass on any donations to us, while still helping you get your US tax deductions!

You can learn more about us at

This video was made for Project for Awesome 2018. P4A is a collection of online creators working together to decrease worldsuck by raising money for charity. You can check it out here: