Habibi.Works is an open intercultural maker space in the north of Greece.

It is situated just 300 metres from Katsikas refugee camp, and our community is made up of people from the camp, Greek locals and international team members.

Our community kitchen is a central component of Habibi.Works. It was the first working area to exist, we have now expanded this to include a sewing atelier, a bike workshop, a wood workshop, a media lab, a beauty salon and a barber, a diverse sport programme and extensive language classes.

However the kitchen is central, it provides the opportunity for cultural exchange through the medium of food, especially on Saturdays. On this special day we provide a larger budget and invite people to share their recipes and expertise in the kitchen.

Please enjoy this video and head over to the Project for Awesome website on the 16th and 17th of February to vote for Habibi.Works.

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