Online Creators Decreasing World Suck
DEC 6-8
DEC 2019
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Project For Awesome 2018 (P4A) | Operation Christmas Child | My Life Fast Forward

Link to Project For Awesome:

Link to vote: COMING DECEMBER 7

Link to Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan's purse:

Project for Awesome is a non-profit organization run by the Green Brothers (John and Hank Green). They started the program several years ago and raise money in different ways. They have an indigogo campaign and host a two day, 48 hour live stream.

The slogan of the organization is "Online Creators Decreasing World Suck". Their philosophy is that the world is not always a wonderful place and they want to do what they can to bring hope to the world.

YouTubers can get involved by making their own video promoting the charity of their choice. Project for Awesome voting then is released and people can go and vote for their favorite Project for Awesome videos.

This year, Project For Awesome voting starts on December 7, 2018. I will put the link in the description box, once voting opens.

I'd really appreciate it if you went and voted for my video!

Anyways, the charity I chose was Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child or OCC is an organization that ships shoe boxes to third-world countries. These shoe boxes give joy to so many children. I've seen videos of operation Christmas child people opening their boxes and it brings a smile to my face.

Samaritan's Purse also gives the children an opportunity to learn about Jesus if they chose.

It is such a wonderful charity project and I'm so glad that I participated in Project for Awesome 2018!

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