Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care is proud to be submitting a video in the online Project for Awesome challenge- a youth-focused campaign to fund charities through a 48 hour livestream. P4A is championed by an online community that refer to themselves enthusiastically as Nerdfighters. This online community that has raised more than $17 million over the past decade with this unique online event where every viewer gets a vote. PLEASE NOTE – Donating is not a pre requisite for voting…. So vote as many times as you want.

We believe our leadership role in supporting youth mental health fits perfectly with the purpose of this marvelous online community of individuals that annually fund twenty to thirty charities. We need your help! Please join with us in voting for Waypoint by going to the link – Please go to the search and type in Waypoint Centre

From 12:00pm EST on February 18th through 11:59pm EST on February 21st, donations will go to community-chosen organizations like Waypoint Centre, based on votes by viewers on the P4Ae website. In a typical year, 20 to 30 charities will be selected by the voters for grants averaging about $25,000 USD.

Your participation will directly increase our chances of receiving one of these very valuable donations for Waypoint’s ongoing youth mental health programs. It is a great event to watch, and you may even find you are motivated to become a Nerdfighter yourself! ! #P4A #ProjectForAwesome